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Johnny was our first rescue in 2015.  He and his friends (4 donkeys) were seized by animal control for not being contained in a safe and secure manner.  He's a super sweet boy and loves apples, carrots and watermelon.



Eeyore was our second rescue in 2015 because, of course, Johnny needed a friend.  He came from a large animal rescue in Seneca, SC.  He and Johnny love to play together, and play hard.  He is also a super sweet boy and loves apples, carrots and watermelon.


Big Red

Big Red is a Thoroughbred in his late twenties. Our first horse rescue (Fall 2017), Red holds a special place here at Saltrick Farms.  We welcomed Red from a rescue in Ridgeland, SC.  Red has Cushings, a disorder (managed by daily medication) that makes it difficult to gain and maintain weight and, due to his age, has no back teeth.  While he would love apples and carrots, he cannot chew them and gets soft fruit cookies (Fig Newtons) as his treat.



Aura has been Big Red's friend since they were both at the rescue in Ridgeland.  When we brought Red into our herd, there was no question about whether or not Aura would join us as well.  In her mid-twenties, Aura arrived at the rescue in Ridgeland as an extremely underweight, pregnant mare.  Through their love and care, she successfully delivered her foal and continued to thrive.  As a result of the previous neglect, Aura has back and joint issues.  While we tend to limit her treats, she does love apples, carrots and watermelon.



Belle is a Tennessee Walker that also came from our friends in Ridgeland.  She was purchased by the folks there with the intent of training and selling.  Unfortunately, Belle went lame and they realized that they would not be able to sell her as a "sound" horse and, rather than take her to auction, they contacted us and we were thrilled to be able to provide her with her forever home.  Quite the charmer, Belle loves to be hosed down during the summer and will rotate on her own so that you are certain to not miss a spot.  Belle also loves her apples, carrots and watermelon.


Cheyenne and Rowdy

Cheyenne and Rowdy arrived at the farm as owner surrenders just before Hurricane Irma in 2017.  They were loved and cared for extremely well by their previous family, and we are honored that they asked us to provide them with their forever home.  As our youngest, they are truly the rowdy ones at the farm, and love their fruit and vegetable treats.



Hank came to us in February of 2018.  He had been purchased by a family as a cattle-cutting horse and the seller, knowing that he had an injury, sold him under false pretense.  Fortunately, his new owners brought him to the farm and he is able to relax and live a life of ease...while enjoying the antics of Johnny and Eeyore.



Casper came to us in April of 2018 as a neglect case.  In his early 20s, he was malnourished and had not been seen by a vet or a farrier in quite a while.  Casper is lame, due to arthritis (managed with daily medication), but keeps us on our toes.  Even with his neglect, he is such a sweet horse and loves to be loved and spoiled.  


Cadence and Romeo

Cadence and Romeo joined us as owner surrenders in July of 2018.  They were well loved and cared for by their previous owners and we were honored to again be asked to provide a forever home to these horses.  Both are lame, due to previous injuries inflicted by other horses and we treat their arthritis with daily medication.  True to his name, Romeo is quite the charmer.  Cadence takes her time warming up, but is a sweetheart once her trust is gained.  A quick way to their hearts is to keep treats in your pockets!



In July of 2018 we welcomed Gilly (28) from Colleton County Animal Control, who spent the first 6 months of the year getting him healthy enough to go to his forever home.  The officer pictured with him was his primary care giver at animal control and wanted to make sure that Gilly would be well cared for in his new home.  Gilly loves children and will gladly stand to be groomed or given treats.



Joe, or Joe-Joe, is a young donkey that was seized as part of a local animal hoarding case.  The Hampton County Animal Shelter cared for him and worked on his socialization for 4 months with great results.  Joe joined us in mid-October and has nudged his way right into our hearts.  He is very vocal and provides lots of laughs.  We continue to work on his socialization and gaining his trust.

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